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I am a mother...I am a wife...I am an Art teacher...I am a nerd. I haven't gotten to the part of my life when I can call myself an artist.


1.I love glitter. 2.My most favorite complement was when I was once compared to Lorelie Gilmore. 3. I am completely mixed-media. 4. I am a high school teacher that loathed high school when I was a student. 5. I am finally considered cool in high school, which is something that I am embarrassingly proud of. 6. I have panic attacks about four things: my health, my daughter's health, the idea of eternity, and waking up one morning and not having hair products. 7. I haven't been inside a McDonald's "restaurant" in 17 years. 8. When I first met my husband, I told him that I was from New York City to impress him. Unfortunately he turned out to be from New York. Busted. 9. I buy the same cool shoes over and over. I am in denial over the end of the clunky shoe trend. 10. Sometimes I have to really try and be nice to people I don't know. 11. My perfect day would include eating Hot Tamales candy, watching a "Gilmore Girls" marathon, and seeing the Pixies play in my living room (as long as they leave before 9:30 so I can get to sleep on time). 12. I have no 401K plan, no retirement plan, and no savings account. 13. I have emotionally-linked asthma. 14. I want my daughter to be a drummer. Or a biologist. Or a chef...anything but a cheerleader. 15. Ever since I have become a mother, I cannot watch movies with sickness or dying in them. 16. Sometimes I sit in front of my bookshelves and imagine what people would think of the person that owns my book collection. 17. If I could have lunch with five people from history, I would pick Gertrude Stein, Willa Cather, Catherine of Aragon, Frank Sinatra, and My Bubbie, Tzippie Uffer. 18. When I am in bed, I sometimes freak myself out thinking about the eight hours of unconsciousness that I am about to embark on. 19. I just don't understand Jimmie Buffet fans. 20. I can't believe that I found someone to love that appreciates how odd and loveable I am. I love that he downloads the episodes of the OC that I miss even though he hates the OC. That's love my friends. 21. I have one brother who is infinitely wittier than me and one brother that is infinitely more poetic than I am. But I'm the cutest. 22. I don't own a coffee maker. 23. I have perfect teeth. No braces, no retainers, no cavities. PERFECT. 24. I have big problems with people who wear navy blue and black together. 25. I've worn out three copies of Pride and Prejudice.